PayDay The Heist

could any one make these ragdolls?

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The one on the far right reminds me of the one guy from Slipknot with the long nose.

Not only I already made a thread about this, but I made in the RIGHT section, seamenthrower is indeed trolling all of us.

Or he just made a mistake.

Yes, trolling, because there are surely more smart people acting intentionally dumb in the realm of internets than people who are actually dumb.

the game is kinda fun so… sUPPORt :3

I wanted the payday models for my css server model take as terror, but it does not work because gemekt not been created. mdl Ragdoll, because you can still do what?

haha Hello
could one explain to me how the time goes on, I payday.wolf.mdl in the QC file compiled, what do I do now further
the umd. mdl from this link here to the correct use of mdl file wolf.mdl?