Payday: The Hesit

Hey I was wondering if anyone would be interested in ripping and porting all the Law enforcement units from Payday: The Heist for garrysmod use by everyone. <----link incase you want to see what other characters there are.

“The Hesit”

I expected parody video from the title

If I remember correctly, someone tried to rip from Payday: The Heist before and ended up ditching their attempts to rip from it. That doesn’t necessarily mean someone else can’t give it a shot, though.

Don’t the developers get really pissed when someone rips from it?

Like that one guy on here who ripped unused textures and put them in game and then the devs flipped their shit.

I don’t remember Overkill Software throwing any fits about their game content being ported. The last I remember in regards to Payday, the game is just a bitch to rip from.

Ninja Ripper works like a charm with it but I recall trying to rip the cop models for a friend to rig but the game never ripped the right textures