Payed 19 euro for lag?

Hi guys.I wanna ask you about some performance tip for rust or if i had payed 19 euro only lag.My Specs are
i7 3610QM
6GB of RAM.

Its a little bit of rust but it is most likely your comp if you can barely run it.

you can search on google or on facepunch regarding about performance tweaks etc.

I can run BF4 Multiplay at medium to high settings and i can’t run this game?

Most of them are making my rust to run slowly.

It also may depend on the server…

It’s freakin ALPHA stage which the game engine is not fully optimize. I can play Dayz Standalone with Very High settings but I can only play rust with very low settings. What you need is to man up and learn that you paid for an early alpha game.

I don’t quite get where people get the idea rust is perfect… i haven’t got the game because im holding off till a new comp but even i know its not perfect… by a longshot… Official servers are overun by hackers, Alot of admin pricks or little kids with power sticks and no leash.

Like anazhd said, you payed for ALPHA. You should understand that the game is not meant to give a full working gameplay yet.

If you’re going to buy a game for 19 euros, you’d expect the game to launch. Being an alpha is not an excuse.
OP, have you tried turning off your grass? Check your graphics’ control panel and make sure your settings don’t cause games to lag.