Paying anyone to port 5 models from Moonbase Alpha

— thanks everyone for your advice!

Save yourself the money, download umodel from gildor and extract the meshes. It runs on unreal unless I’m mistaken. Hell you’re not even asking for rerigging to the valve biped. Anyone that asks money for that is a dick.

— thanks everyone for your advice!

It literally takes less than five minutes to extract the meshes. All you have to do is try and read the very simple directions on Gildor’s UModel Page.

If you’re really going to pay someone for a task this simple, you’ve got way too much money on your hands. That and a huge excess of laziness, especially if you just need them for reference.

Here is a pack of of already ported models

give money anyways

— thanks everyone for your advice!

Thank you for reminding me of Moonbase Alpha. I forgot about that game ever since fun with the TTS voice died down.

— thanks everyone for your advice!

No, it seems laughably overpriced.

Haha, he’s trying to rip you off. Of course $80 is too much for 5 minutes.

— thanks everyone for your advice!

pay him 1 cent

No…? When it comes to ripping, most people will do it for free if they think it’s worth doing, if not provide the person who’s wanting the model rips with links to sites that have the proper resources/information so that the requester can do it on their own. If you’re being told that it costs $200 by the normal standard around here to rip content and getting an offer for $80 to have Katyusha rip them for you, you’re getting ripped off and wasting money by doing so.

btw what models is ones you want? :slight_smile:

I’ve modeled and rigged an entire player model for someone for $75, (for which they gave me $115 instead), so no way $80 is a good deal.

What a complete fucking liar he is.

You’re being scam, and whoever this Katyusha guy is, is a asshole, right now.

You can find most people willing to do these for free, on their time. We don’t charge people for ports that aren’t ours to begin with, for one.

Though, sadly, it seems there are some who wants to charge people, for a stupidly amount.

yo who the fuck asks $80 for a port

and who the fuck says we charge to port shit? who do they think we are?? S-Low???

meh i can see the logic behind offering to pay money if someone wants the models badly but 80? lol

The difference between you and Katyusha’s offer is the fact that you actually made the model. Katyusha’s offering to port the model for $80, which is a rip off since ports are usually done free of charge around here.