Paying back the Shock Therapy.

No THIS is a stick!

I like it, altho the angle is pretty boring.

“Pick up that can, pick up that can, pick up that can.”

“Quit stunning yourself, quit stunning yourself, quit stunning yourself.”

Only thing I don’t like is maybe the rebel with the stick should look like he’s going to put more force in the blow.

even without the shock factor that thing looks like it could really fuck your day up.

The rebels stunstick looks cartoony. If you compare it to the rest of the picture it really doesn’t fit. Default blood on the floor. Rebel on the floor is like ‘derp’

The CP’s stunstick can’t be the ONLY lightsource in the stairwell.
I dislike the shadows on the rebel.
…Other than that good posing.
If the rebellion is happening why the fuck are CP’s using stunsticks and not guns?



'cause they’re sadistic.

her her ill just go up to that rebel with a GUN with my BATON. i will win yes.

Neat Cattleprod model.

What is that cool handmade stunstick? Me wants.