$$ Paying Dollars For A Coder - $$ Good $$

Hey guys, I’m currently looking for a Rust coder that also probably knows PHP to do the following.

  • Displaying the amount of players that are currently in-game, on a website. I don’t want those banners that people put up, just a text number that’s actually legit? If so how do you think it would be programmable?

  • Displaying the admin log, so it’d be something like www.aunz-rust.com/log/ so people can see what the admins drop etc? Just to show our members we have nothing to hide.

Is those at all possible?

If so, please reply or contact me. Money is not an issue, thanks.

its very easy to do

I don’t know how the serverapplication handles data, but this seems fairly easy to do

Lol, then help me do so? As said I’m looking to hire someone to do it.

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Well if anyone can, that’d be great. I’m happy to pay a decent amount for that as it’s something we really would like to have, and clearly having a log feed for players to see admins don’t do stupid things is something that would be pretty great. As well as an amount of players online.

Cheers guys

I think every server claiming “No Admin Abuse Server” should stream or post Rcon commands that they and other admins use. This way everyone will feel secure on the server.

Sent you a pm.

Can help for free with players online. - I give 2 scripts, you put in on your site, add information about your server in 1 of this and then you can see people online. rmail me dyworm [at] gmail.com

Another - can add dynamic check for VAC status or another for $ :slight_smile:

The problem with streaming admin commands you can just code it to not stream specific commands… there is no way to know that it’s definitely streaming them all.

This is why your “out growing” your server http://toprustservers.com/server/search?q= your sharing a server with 14 other game services.


What are you talking about out-growing my server? I wasn’t even asking about my server? My server runs epic on 400 slots? I just want to show my players on my website how many people we have in-game.

If you aren’t going to post a serious response that’s helpful, I’ll report you.

Cheers for those that have messaged, will respond but am currently still looking.

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Bump, anyone:)? paying $$$