Paying for a custom Admin Mod

Hey, I’ll pay a lua coder for this admin mod



Etc: Set groups
(able to edit color, commands, HP, and speed)

A simple custom chat(no box, simple, a small rectangular bx shows up ONLY when typing)

Possibly in-game tags. Like an owner, admin, and vip.

Either an AssMod like menu or just chat commands.

And lastly, in game advertisements.such as ULX, That show up in the middle of screen and in chat.

For money and other details add me.

Add me on Steam - Aced224

How much would you pay for the entire job done?
Ballpark estimate

Why on earth would you want a crappy custom admin when you can use a well-supported, fully functional admin like ULX, ASSMod, Evolve, Exsto, etc. etc.

None of those have what I want =/ ULX is just Bleh AssMod is just horrible

Exsto’s chat is weird and doesnt have what i need, I would rather have a custom one the evolve.

Well, I can pay any amount Stanlee, from 5-50 Add me and we can talk


But when i say 5-50 i dont mean im just going to pay 50 -_-

You can turn off Exsto’s chat, and seriously, you’re wasting your money on a potentially shit admin mod. With ULX, Exsto, or Evolve, the developers update regularly, if you buy one and it breaks, the one person you hire isn’t obligated to work on it or fix it.

Well, you could use my admin mod, it’s free and i could make plugins that will fit your requirements :). Tags in chat or what? Mute will be easy … just simple things like that should be free. Anyways, i will make plugins for MY admin mod ( wich is released ) that you can use. Just gonna find you the thread now



Yes. Buy I like mine just simple.

How can you turn off chat in Exsto? And in Exsto you can edit
the run speed and HP of a group. Which I need and I can’t code at all

I’ll look into yours but I also like the fact I’m using a custom mod. Not a mod
everbody can use. Anyway. I really like a simple mod.


Add me If interested

Having a “custom” admin addon wont make your server more popular or better in any way…

I know. But no admin mod has what I want exactly

So If any one is interested. Lemme know

Damnit, just learn lua and do it yourself. Admin mods aren’t easy to make.

Ill do it because I am willing to whore myself out.

I added you on steam under [TG] Axiom :smiley:

I would know, because I wrote the speed commands, and there’s a plugin menu. You aren’t going to draw players with a custom admin mod - you draw them with a decent server. A guy on the wiremod forums runs a 100% full server with ULX.

Secondly, you’re trying to pay someone after they create it, which is full of red flags(no payment, or low payment, or high payment with low work quality).

Oh, and if you want HP of groups, I could make an Exsto plugin just for you in ~5 minutes for that.

  1. Im not trying to be “cooler” with a custom admin mod. I just wanted a simple one which met everything I needed

  2. I had a full server with ULX on it. But now I’m hosting a custom gamemode and I need these for it.

  3. I don’t like alot of things about Exsto. I’d rather have one simple and sweet.

I’ve found a coder. So no need for this.


And for the payment. I have something figured out so it won’t be a ripoff. So I’m supposed to pay a complete stranger before the finishedjob???

I will take up the chalange :slight_smile: If nobody else has nd you hve accepted ofcourse. In the eventuality that it brakes, just pm me to fix it :slight_smile: lso, if you need any help modding for it, just pm.

Tell me if i caan take up the challange :slight_smile: