Paying for a Deathrun gamemode

Hello, I am willing to pay a fair amount through paypal for a Deathrun gamemode, working pointshop etc.


||GLXRPO|| Aaron


I dont want a point shop, I just need a basic “Layout” and working death/runner gamemode.

Why would you pay for this when there are a lot of working ones already?

I’ll do it for $100

50$ sound fair?

I’m in need of some dosh :s

$45 final offer.

ill do it for admin

Hes from 98’. I would not trust this guy to have a paycheck that will get him enough money for this.

Already payed a guy for it anyways, and yes I do have a “Paycheck” to get me enough money for it.

Why would you pay for a free gamemode?

Wait what? He has a job already? At 13-14? I’m impressed! What do you do, wash you’re moms car for 5 dollars a week?

At least he’s not as immature as you.

After looking at Aaron’s screenshots, I think they are neck and neck :

I’ll do it for free.

Add ULX, has fun.

Or, here is something far better.

Either that, or pay fifty bucks for a game-mode you’ll never get the money back from. Good luck.

So what? Let him do what the fuck he wants. It’s none of our business.

He’s young (If I understand his name right (98)). We all have been doing stuff like that.