Paying For A Few Small DarkRP things to be done.

  1. Economy System
  2. Police Models For Police (like perp models)
  3. x2 Salary For Admins
  4. A Premium System, You Donate To Buy Extra jobs with out being admin (IF YOU GET WHAT I MEAN)
  5. A Box you can store your Sweps
  6. Auto Donation System

If You Can Make One Of them leave a comment or add me on steam : askagamer

What do you mean? People here are developers, not concept makers. Money themselves suggest a “Economy System”

Traditional DarkRP.

Let me rephrase it for you.

So that Donators get a super overpowered job that lets them spawn a shitload of weaposn without doing anything?

That sentence doesn’t make sense.

K, blocked another DarkRPer for the sake of the day.

LOL stop paying for scripts you fucking loser learn lua n make em ur self.

It’s his money, let him do what he wants.

I’ll do this for a low $100

You should do the same.

I can do the models

hey add me on steam. thelegend535
I have something you need

Did you register just to get paid? lol.

Ima go as far as explain it to you.

  1. DarkRP comes with an economy, so make your own concept.
  2. Go download perp models and re-set the models
  3. Go to players.lua, find the meta:PayDay or w/e, and create a new if statement, followed by a nice * 2 for the local ‘amount’ variable. Re-name the variable, and reuse it.
  4. Also a if statement in I believe, sv_gamemode_functions. State self or ply as LocalPlayer(), or just use LocalPlayer(), and do if LocalPlayer():IsUserGroup(“respected”) then
  5. I’m too stupid for that.
  6. Ya’ dun got MySQL mang & this is the Facepunch forums of lua, not the support forums for PHP.