Paying for custom player model to be made

Hello, I’m looking for someone who can make me a custom gmod model that can be used as a player model.

The model doesn’t have to be from scratch, it can be an edit of a different character, as long as it looks good. Also, he doen’t need face posing, finger posing, or the sword attached to his side in the picture below.

Give me an offer for this project, I can pay through paypal only.

This is the character I’m requesting:

I’ll give more detailed info(a reference sheet) once someone decides to take my request.

First you provide the sheet and the price, and THEN we decide to take your request.

I mainly didn’t put a set price because I want people to give me a bid on how much they want for a project like this.

With that said, here’s the reference sheet:

I know it’s not the most amazing reference ever, but I think it gets to the point.

If You don’t mind me asking, Did you create this Character on your own?

puts pinky finger to mouth One Million Dollars.

I would say about $15-25

Something with that level of customization would probably run more, actually. Depending on how good the modeler is, you could pay anything from twenty to a hundred dollars. Although the higher prices would be unlikely.

$3,500 is what I estimate.

Doesn’t look like it would be a very complex model, even for a novice.
I’d do it for US$25, but university work will have priority over it and it may take a while (upward of a month).


And that’s if you’re willing to pay that much.

Sure, I’ll take your offer, 25$ is fine by me.

To OneWingedAngel8: Yes, I did.

Are you kidding me?

25$? thats more than gmod on its own cost.

Law of supply and demand, my friend. Millions of people buy GMod. Only one person will buy this model. Supply is technically identical, as digital goods have infinite supply, and their sole value is in R&D.

Look at it as hiring someone to make it. $25 for a project that will take 10 hours (how long I would take, others’ times would vary) is $2.50 an hour, well below minimum wage. In fact, to earn the same as working at McDonalds, you would have to make the model in 3.5 hours, which is pretty fast for a well-made custom model.


@OP: That’s a pretty good design, and some good art, to boot.

I’m going to fork out about 80-120 for a very talented friend to do a full-blown character since he’s the only one I really trust to get it right, so 25 is a bargain.

Thanks Gman003-main.

Also, I’m still open on this to anyone who’s interested, HiddenMyst has yet to respond. The price doesn’t have to be around 25$, I’m more looking for someone to make it faster and at a good quality.