Paying For DarkRP supporter rank

Basically when some one buys admin they will be given supporter with extra jobs but there is only 0-all , 1 - admin , 2 - super admin. is there away to make a 3rd one for Supporter?
will be paying ofc.

If You Cant Do It Dont Post. If You Have An Opinion Keep It To Your self


just because you cant afford it.

You know how bad is selling admin? you might sell it to a mingebag/hacker.

How much are you paying?

OVER 9000!

I can do it.

it depends how fast you can make it. if intrested add me on steam: askagamer

Take his money, buy his admin, wreck the server, and than laugh about it.

Oh wait, too much effort, it’s shitty darkrp.

It’s not who sells admin, it’s who BUYS admin. I would sell admin but they would only be given limited commands, so I call it more like VIP or Donator.

Only bag on the idiots who sells admin with full admin power. Don’t bag on people who give them limited power.