Paying for player models/ragdolls from the Spider-Man PS1 game


I am doing a project called Spider-Man: Source, a machinima that follows Spider-Man and SHIELD on assault operations, gang operations, etc. The machinima I am designing has required many characters from which are in the Spider-Man: PS1 game. If you are aware or not, the Spider-Man PS1 game is available on the PC. I am looking for a professional/good model designer to rip and rig most of the models from the Spider-Man game; I am paying €50 for someone to rip these characters, for ragdoll usage (MUST BE RIGGED WELL! =]), and player model use. The characters in the game I’m looking to be ported are:

Spider-Man, Venom (Venom must be at least a head bigger than the other characters), Carnage, J.J.J, Mysterio and Doc Ock. As said, these characters must be used ripped and rigged into good ragdolls, and player models.

Yes, I am paying for the work; €50 will be sent to you by cash, although before this is done, I must check your references (Other model work so I will trust you for the project!), Address (No pedo; I do not have PayPal, so the money will be sent through letter), and, if you are Trustworthy enough; I don’t really have to put this down, but since you’re reading this, it’s likely I’ll be trusting you for the project. :slight_smile:

If you are able to do this, or see a flaw in the plan, please do not hold your tongue and tell me if I am missing anything. This project has been going for ages and if these models were released, I would be able to continue with it. Thank you.


as I said, the first free can also be took from Ultimate Spiderman, although Carnage has a glowing light in his chest.

Spider-Man on the PS1 will be easier to port, plus, it looks much more cool on GMod. :smiley:


Seriously, no one will do this? And my posts are dumb? Damnit

ok listen stop buming ok? you only need to wait okay?

The PC version of Spiderman used nearly the same model format from the PC version Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater, and model modifying tools were made for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Perhaps you could find an exporter that also works for Spiderman…

Oh for christs sake here’s some models and the Shield Stage area given these are from Spiderman Friend or Foe but they should still work for you. You just need to see about rigging and seperating the models they are all in one file for all the characters.

You can try to bonemerge the spiderman player model to the player with lua, then you don’t have to rig them as they will just follow the animations of the players existing model.


Or you could just locate the Model files and rig them in 3DSm?

I’m suprised no one wants to do this!

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yeah, but I want Venom bigger than the other characters…so meh

Progress on this?

Dude, stop bumping dead threads. The last post was almost a year ago before you posted.