Paying for some one to make me a skin!

This offer dont stand no more sorry … (no one wanted to do it nayways)

Hey guys, i realy want there to be more of my type of skin,
so i will be paying 10£ and up to the person who makes this skin the best,
(if there is a good enough one that is)
please include everything i suggest and pm me if you come to any dead-ends
Pictures of what i want included:

Shoes/Sneakers : to go on feet

Trowsers/Pants : to go around legs

T-shirt : to go on torso

Gold chain : to go around neck

Back-pack/ruck-sack : to go on back

And i dont want my name anywhere on the skin :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! oh and if theres realy realy good ones i will up the price of what i pay you :slight_smile:

Heres the player model i want it to over-write (if possible) :


Post picture updates please if you are going to join in :slight_smile:

I don’t know, 10 lbs seems kind of low, ecspecially for that specific of a skin

Ill up the price if its good enough :stuck_out_tongue: already said :3

This is not just a skin mate, this is practically a whole new model.
Good luck ;o

Paying and Charging for skins/models/mods are illegal.

No? lol What makes you think it is illegal?


Why would it be illegal? Wouldnt that mean anyone that makes anything is breaking the law?

Oh no, i made a toy when i was younger, and sold it for 5 bucks. Are the cops after me? No.

Its perfectly legal to pay for someone to make something.

And i wish the OP the best of luck.

Its illegal ? are you sure ? i mean paying some one for what there good at is pretty legal i think…
(thats if its not breaking the law ) lol

Nevermind that dude, he doesnt know what he is talking about.


Technically you are right in that the Steam rules say you cannot pay for 3rd party content (pretty standard in EULA contracts), however being payed to model the model itself and make the skin is common place as this is what modeller’s who work in the games industry (or any other industry for that matter) do, you didn’t think all these models for HL2 and other games were made out of the kindness of peoples hearts for Valve did you? :stuck_out_tongue:

When i saw it saying illegal i was like wtf lawl , he must of been stoned or some thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I removed the hair because people said it was to hard to do , so just make the hair look awesome if your doing it :3

you’ll be needing a new model unless you want this to look like shit.

I recommend a rip of Chad Muska From Tony Hawks pro skater 2 You get a backpack and a hat with that model and i dont think it will need a new skeleton

But thats all if rips are posible. I know nothing about hammer so i cant help with the model there.

If it could be ripped its unlikely it would have a skeleton, as the default ripping program for most is 3D Ripper DX that only captures un-smoothed models. Though it does seem like a good idea for the parts.

Also whats this got to do with Hammer?


You sir are an idiot, theres nothing wrong with paying someone for there time and work. go play in traffic


i need someone to model or skin or what ever i need a certain vehicle made or reskinned pm me if your interested its paid work so yer well done on the job uve just done now looks good.

looking good :wink:

oh and sorry for not answering you dudes my computer broke ;/

Btw peoples i dont mind if the rucksack aint done :slight_smile:

Could i have 1 model with a ruck-sack and 1 without one pl0x :slight_smile:

Is it me or is no one making this ?