Paying for someone to fix my perp server

I have a buggy version of perp on my server, and I am looking for someone experienced with perp to fix up my server. It is pretty buggy. Paying well. Skype is mitch.johnson52 and steam is Alcoholic Semen Thrower

I think you will get ban for asking help with a stolen gamemode.

i believe your steam name is more the reason noone will help you as opposed to the fact that you want people to help you with a leaked/stolen gamemode.

also you missed the lua hire/recruitement thread (

Paying just to update some files? Like seriously?

I’ll do it, add me on steam : Omnipotent Pussy Destroyer

I wouldn’t suggest offering to help, or providing help. It’s a leaked/stolen game-mode and if you don’t have a valid license to run it, you could be implicated in court for a slew of violations.

It was a joke …

lol… people thinking you need a licence for perp

well then… i guess that puts me right in my place doesnt it?