Paying for TTT Custom SWEPs

Okay guys I am looking custom SWEPs for my TTT server and they have to work, so I will have to test them before paying you.

I already have a coder that is coding Jihad Bomb, Melon Mine and the Golden Deagle for me.

Anything original would be appreciated, I don’t want overused SWEPs, or ones that can be downloaded for free.

Post your Steam profile and I will add you ASAP!

Uh, what are you looking for?


Yeah, “original”…

LMFAO! Sounds like a fucking scam.

Think of it as you wish. But all I see from you (the above) are shitposts. I am looking for people that are interested in this and not some minges trying to put me down for some reason.

Well can you tell us what kind of SWEP’s you’re looking for? And acting like a ~victim~ because people wanted clarification won’t get you far, mate

Have you made customs before for personal use or so? If so I’d like to know which and I could be interested in some.

Well some people apparently hate me on here.