I can pay on paypal if somone could code me Printer coolers,hasters and ammounter so it gets more but for this to happend it has to have like the UKRP has their printers.

if u ever been on UKRP gangwars u can see their leving,system,printer system if anyone can code this for me like they almost got it,I will pay!

Tell us how much money?

depends if you can do it 20 us dollars is what I offer

For what exactly, the rate increasers, coolers and amount increasers or the level system aswell?

same as ukrp gangwars:o I just want their system without the gangs and the stupid slams and turrets

Wait. So you want someone to code you a system just like GangWars but without gangs, slams and turrets for 20 dollars? Or do you just want someone to make the same changes to the money printer as GangWars did?

Oh look it’s another one of you begging for gangwars code.

I get this what, every other day? Sad.

Do people honestly not see the Lua scripters for hire thread :argh:

I’ll do it :slight_smile: add me on steam: 1Andriko1