PayPal chargeback on donations?

I run a server and have set up an option to donate and wondered since I’m new to PayPal and the whole donation thing to do with the community can we stop players from charging back to claim their money back or is this just a thing I have to hope they don’t do?

I don’t remember hearing anyone complain about this before… So unsure

perma ban and move on

But could they not chargeback like a year later when there not interested in the server?

I didnt know you could charge back on a donation. I thought the whole point of a donation was that it was entirely voluntary without expecting anything in return so you cant say the product is faulty

Well how does one define a sale as a donation? It says for me I have no protection aka they can charge back??

As far as I know they can charge back on grounds of “unauthorized purchase” or something similar and the case will always end up in their favor. Just perma-ban them and move on (obviously if they re-donate the full amount again you should unban them)

No. If they chargeback, just get rid of them. It’s stupid to let someone back on that’s already done that shit.

There’s a chargeback time limit.

There’s a Paypal claim time limit. These are not what he’s worried about. Paypal claims are very easy to dismiss and you practically just need to say that whatever you’re selling is a digital good to get off the hook immediately.

Chargebacks are a different story. Chargebacks go through the card’s company and pretty much hammer you with a $20 fine immediately with no chance of debating it. It takes months for a chargeback case to actually be decided and only sometimes will Paypal actually waive the fee (they claim that they do it as a small gratuity but some people have been outright denied).

OP: If you’re worried about chargebacks, don’t worry too much. It doesn’t happen terribly often so long as you aren’t a total dick to everyone. If you do get nailed with one, appeal to Paypal and occasionally they’ll waive the fee(s). It’s just something you kinda have to put up with a few times a year.

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And yeah, if someone goes through the effort of contacting their company, just ban them and tell them to fuck off. Although you might get fined, I’ve actually have had chargeback cases decided in my favor (but never got the $20 waived, thanks paypal).

This, I think PayPal’s IPN calls callback script when user performs chargeback so you can ban him automatically if you want.

pban and feel good knowing that he had to convince his mum to contact her bank to say “my son stole my card and bought dumb shit”/etc

Usually that’s the legitimate reason.


the point is that even though it sucks you get the chargeback you can have a laugh that the kid gets in deep shit with his parents.

I don’t get why people chargeback if they donated, I mean, they didn’t buy it lmao

Say if I spend the money on the account and they charge back, do they just lock it up or something?

If you failed to give them a service that they asked then yes they’ll demand that you repay the funds if you fail they’ll lock the paypal account.

However in this case since they donated or gave the funds as a family member(thought I’d mention this) charging back on something like this isn’t easy and the charge back will probably fail. You aren’t providing them a service or anything and if you have already then they also have no grounds either. You’ve already given it to them.

Show how much tea you drink at brunch by citing and forcing the agreement of a 15 page Terms of Service citing chargebacks are not applicable.

And permaban them too.

Just make them send it as a gift and add in a note saying that their purchase is non-refundable. That’s how CS:GO trading works anyway.

PayPal staff mostly act like total tools who just automatically approve all unauthorized transaction claims, not really caring about your side of the story unless you actually call their hotline and talk over phone. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a donation or a purchase of virtual currency if your customer picks this reason, I don’t see how putting that in the transaction note could make this any different.

Someone charge backed a donation to my community, I didn’t bother to respond to the charge back for 3 days. Then after 3 days it was canceled, apparently the guy phoned paypal and they told him to go and speak with me instead becuse it was a donation and not a payment. Guess if he got a refund after trying to charge back on me? Nope… He would get one otherwise though.