Paypal IPN Automatic Donator system

I think this is the write place to put this in. Can anybody make me a Automatic Donation system so that when a person donates they automatically get added to the Donator group. Will pay.

Your best bet is the scripter hire thread

Ive made one and will give it to you for 20 USD.

Requires PHP.
Works with Paypal IPN and PDT.

How would I make it so that the steam id gets put into the database on the website when they join the game or would I have to have a page that puts it in there by logging in to the website while in-game.

Ill set that up and make it work for you. 15 Dollars USD, 20 seemed a bit high.

Ok add me on steam.

What a rip, all the shit you need is available publicly, you just need to know where to look.

He most likely pays someone so he doesn’t have to do the work (assuming he knows that all the API stuff is publicy available)

Download Gfort and use the code in there.

The owner stole it all so you can use it without giving credit cause it isnt his work.

Before you say i stole it.
The entire donation system there is written by me, just about every file minus most of the entities, were written by me.
And its not like he cant just copy and paste that code into his darkRP server. It would require modification and knowledge in php and lua.

Don’t even reply to Science, he knows literally nothing of any programming language at all.

Oh and you do?

Thank you for the advice.

Yeah, 10x more then you.

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You already proved you don’t know fuck all last night when you were trying to act smart

Oh man, Science challanging me, thinking he can out code me :3: this should be fun

Give me something to make and ill attempt it now then.

Shall we have a “code war”?

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Make something and I’ll one up it

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Flawless give the poor soul a topic.

A code war challenge has been made by C-unit Against Science if Science fails you accept the battle C-unit is defaulted to Winner

Less have an external invidulator.

Someone at random post an idea that you want, it shouldnt take too long but at the same time should be too easy.
We post our scripts and see whos gets the best response.