PBF Gas Mask

I am attempting a headhack of the Combine Soldier, but the various masks I’ve tried don’t look nice and epic on him. I’ve realised that a Russian PBF Gas Mask might look ood, but as far as I know, there is no model. Could someone please model it from scratch, or, if one’s been made, direct me to it?

Reference pic in case anyone wants to have a go at modelling the thing:


That would be great, unfortunately none exists and there’s only about maybe five other models of gasmasks that do. It’s a shame really.

I’m pretty sure PBF among many other alien looking masks inspired the metrocop helmet.

You’re right. In fact, my headhack is one of the 7 hour combine models, and the PBF will probably make em look as if they came straight outta Beyond Black Mesa (which is more or less another HL fan-film)