PBR textures converting to Source

Hi guys. So my question is: Let’s just say i got my model textured in Quixel Suite\Substance Painter, so is there any pipeline to convert PBR textures for using them in Source Engine. Thank you!
P.S. Sorry if this kind of question was asked before.

Depends on your PBR setup - are you using spec or metalness/roughness maps. (PBR supports both depending on the implementation)

It’s the specular-gloss one

the specular gloss one is fairly simple. From memory you need to grab the AO (usually in the blue channel of the normal) and dump it over the diffuse to get shadow information.
After that it really comes down to working with the channels on the specular and gloss maps. Usually what you want is to take the “shiny” parts and put them into the alpha of the normal. And building your exponent with the rest.
In that the red channel = the gloss and the green channel control phongalbedotinting if set to one.

Unless the spc is dumped into the albedo RGB, but that’s usually done only with the metalness/roughness setup.

Okay thanks a lot