PC blacking out (on Rust only)

So, idk if anyone had this problem before, and I’m sorry if I’m posting it wrong or something.
Here’s the deal. My PC (specs below) can handle pretty much every game, I can play BF4 smoothly, CoD Ghosts and every other game (probably).
I never had problems with it so far. But recently, while playing Rust, suddenly it simply dies, like someone had pulled the power cables.
It’s frequent, after some 30minutes of gameplay, it dies. I thought it was overheating (it’s summer here now and the average room temperature is like 30ºc), so I opened it up, cleaned everything, changed the Thermal Paste and everything, but still happened. I tried to low the graphics and it helped at first, but then it happened again after some time.

So, idk if Rust is asking too much from my PC and my power supply can’t handle that much, but I know that I ran every game smoothly so far, and Rust is messing up my life.

Anyone can help me?

My PC specs:
Phenom II X6 1090t
EVGA GeForce GTX460
HDD 320gb
Power Supply IceAge 450w
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

im guessing it runs into some kind of memory leak?
my rust freezes every hour leaving me to total reboot.
welcome to alpha ?

I’m having the same problems but its with battlefield 4 and arma 3.
Battlefield 4 will get into a lobby load in and the screen goes black and crashes
With arma 3 I will start loading into a server and the screen will go black and and freeze there

Its probably your video card overheating and your system shutting down to protect it from hurting itself, just guessing

Only thing i can suggest is verifying all your drivers are uptodate, perhaps try a beta version over the stable version(not sure if nvidia does beta drivers TBH, im a AMD user)

Something to check is how much of your PC is being used while rust is running. my buddy used to get tons of issues resulting in freezes/crashed because rust forced his pc to run at 99.9% all the time, thus turning it into a jet engine(seriously that thing was loud) and eventually it overheated and shut down(although his took the better part of 2 hours.)
Not sure anything can be done by you if it is overloading your gpu/cpu to the point they are capped out, but it at least can help identify an issue


that definately sounds like your GPU/CPU cant handle the load, or perhaps is just really out dated. BF4 should be easier to solve and get running than arma3 though.

That dosnt make any sence tho I can run bf3 dayz st and other games perfect and these 2 games are having probs

Same here, it’s not the GPU overheating though as it’s running at a constant 40ish.

A similar thread can be found here:

Not sure if memory leak, I think it’s impossible for any game to use so much memory. If that’s the case, then shit’s wrong, very wrong.

I pre-ordered BF4 and at first it was crashing every 15 minutes. I haven’t played it for months now and I think they fixed the crashes.

That’s what I thought at first, but even after I opened and cleaned everything, it still happening, so no idea what’s wrong.

I normally download every beta driver from GeForce Experience and install it as soon as it’s released, but I haven’t thought about monitoring the usage from my PC. I’ll try to do it, but I still think that Rust should be polished to run better. I know it’s alpha but this is a critical issue that needs attention now.

got the same problem…

So, any clues on how to fix this issue?

Check both your GPU AND CPU temperatures, a blackout most frequently occurs from overheating of these parts. If your temps seem okay, try updating your MOBO BIOS (don’t do it manually!) then update GPU to latest driver. If that doesn’t work it could be a unique incompatibility of RUST with one or more of your system components, then you’ll just have to wait for devs to fix the issue.

Since I use Core Unlocker, it kinda messes up when I try to see the temps from the CPU, so I’ll have to lock the cores again and try to do it with a lower performance. But I’ll try, something is better than nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d try running Rust w/ Core Unlocker disabled. The CPU core you’re unlocking may be the cause of your issue if it is faulty in some way.

Idk why it should cause that to happen, but I’ll try that too.