i am handicapped and have to use a PC controller st play games is there any way to use one in rust
i am kinda mad that i paid for a game that i can not play using the keyboard is not an option i don’t care about aim issues with it i just want to get it to work any help would be great

By PC controller you mean like an xbox controller or similar on the computer with usb right? One thing you could use would be xpadder it basically lets you bind buttons on your controller to buttons on your keyboard. Just match them to the rust controls and it should work fine.

Would your handicap possibly be that you are missing a finger? :v: your name is ninefingers

I use xpadder because I’m 20% console peasant and prefer using an xbox controller :stuck_out_tongue: works great

yes that is part of it my hand is pretty fucked up my thumb and trigger fingers are the only ones that work and hand is folded in a way that only holding a controller is the only option hurt in an accident not born that way

Wow I feel like a real dick now :v: sorry to hear that, OP.

lol its cool no worries

I have a steelseries controller, xpadder for the win.

yeah xpadded not working another 9.99 tossed down the drain this game is getting more and more expensive lol not compatible with win 8 and crashes when run in compatibility mode lol i will find something else now that i know programs like this exists thanks you

I use xpadder on windows 8.1, works just fine for me, what about it isn’t working?

What are your system specs? Rust should be able to handle Windows 8 just fine, in general, so there’s gotta be a different reason for it to crash.

lol rust is running just fine no problems with it at all just no pc controller use make it so i cant play trying to use third party so i can map controls on a logitec but thats where my compatibility issues come into play

I have never used xpadder but I have seen multiple people say they are using it without problem. I would keep trying to get that to work, especially if you paid for it. Did you restart after instillation?

well technically he would have an extra finger then as you have eight fingers and two thumbs

Saw this and figured I’d post the link

4th down in betterments, says theyre working on making the UI gamepad navigable. Based on the post on playrust.com, looks like the new UI is a fairly high priority before doing other changes, so hopefully this issue will be resolved for you as soon as possible.

yeah i email them before buying the game and was told by support staff that it was gamepad compatible lol i since have emailed them again and was to sorry for the inconvenience that they are working on that issue and will have it fix by spring lol i love tech support i am already working on a work around my self i will prolly have a mod already way before they figure it out lol

I’m not sure why xpadder isn’t working for you, all it does is capture gamepad buttons and change them into a keyboard press… there’s probably even a game profile for rust that’s already available that you can just download and run…
You need an account to log into the forum, but here’s a link to an xpadder profile for rust:

for some reason it wont reconginze my logitec and i cant program it i got pinnaclt to work but then found out trial was 15 mins lol not spending 30 bucks more to play this game

Does your controller work with other games?

I wonder if it has some stupid software that handles all of the input instead of just letting the hardware do that.

They are working on incorporating controller. check it out.