PC Freezes After Playing GMod For A While

So i recently got GMod and i figured its a pretty cool game but i only have on issue with it: It crashes after sometime for no apparent reason, mainly when i move something too fast or its the ground too fast etc.

When it happens the monitor goes black and the PC freezes completely to the point where i have to restart it manually.

Thanks in advance.

Please post your pc specs.

Chances are:

a) bad graphics card

b) not enough RAM

c) CPU is overheating…

Before playing gmod, I think you should try closing any unnecessary programs. Make sure to give your computer some air.

Are you playing on a laptop or desktop?

If the processor was overheating, the PC would shut down automatically and I don’t think having not enough memory would cause a black screen.

I used to have the same problem as you, OP. If this happens only while you’re playing games and the monitor goes black and loses connection, it either means your video card is overheating, you have a faulty power supply unit, or the power supply unit isn’t enough for your video card.

Can you post your specs? You also might have to open up your PC and check what your PSU is.