PC Freezes When playing

I tried to use the search with “freeze” but no results.

I am wondering if anyone else had this experience. When playing Rust after a while it would freeze their PC.

Happened twice to me so far…and I’m pretty sure that my PC can handle the game.

i7 2600k
GTX 570 OC
win7 ult 64bit

Not sure why it would freeze on me… :S

Any help would be great!

More details would be helpful.

what more details would you like?

Updated video card drivers?
Updated Unity Webplayer?

yea got unity 3 days ago…and yea most recent drivers.

The only thing I can suggest right now is to try and use a different webbrowser, either Chrome or Firefox

i am using chrome :stuck_out_tongue:

Try Firefox

AMD fx-8350 Vishera
ATI HD 5870 (catalyst 13.4)
Windows 7 64bit
8 Gigs RAM

I as well have experienced lag an crashes.

Chrome from time to time freezes my computer completely. Chrome will crash telling me the display driver has recovered from an error creating a white screen on Unity.

maybe the reason is that the game isnt optimized…

hrmmm…i’ll try on firefox. Since you seem to be having issues on chrome as well.

And is there a way so you don’t gotta download all te “bundles” again when you launch the game?

Even though it looks like they are downloading, they are actually cached and the speed should be decently fast.