PC Game boxes (covers in thread)

Hey guys. My friend wanted me to make a mall for him because he is not good at big structures, so i wanted to build him one. I built Food shop, restaurant, cinema and some other ones. Well I’m into making a game shop, I have completed everything, except now i need the game boxes.
All the covers i want are in the .zip file. All of them have front and back covers (not separated). All in .jpg format.
Half-Life covers are seperated by back and front.

Those screenshot commercials really annoy me. lol. This is a small amount of games i need.
Cheers :slight_smile:

I would like these as MODELS (spawnable in gmod). I will make spawn list myself.

Well…its pretty easy too make actually, just a box right with the textures…right?

Yeah… Just… I suck at modeling. It’s as easy as to explain as that.

To keep up the living… Anyone can create? If it’s easy doesn’t mean its not shy or too easy. Just please do it



I just made up the side of HL2 and HL1, though I spent more time on the HL2 one.

I like how i actually have all these games for my computer, well except Infernal. :smiley: