||PC|| Peachcore Serious Roleplay [AUSTRALIA]

Peachcore Roleplay was originally founded by Jontycat and STRANGER DANGER.

Our gamemode, Peachcore, was originally built off Cider and has some, if not most, of its features. Our server is updated regularly with new updates, and our donator system is flawless.

This server is a serious roleplay, with a motto: Serious or gtfo. We encourage the building of shops, and the freeroam of your imagination.

Our admins are helpful, too. Unlike other servers, our admins roleplay, not ragdoll you and put you in a rubbish bin. (though we do have fun when minges come on ^_^)

Our server IP is and our game-monitor is below.


Come to our server, lets have a hell of a time with old school roleplay.

Admin List

||PC|| Jontycat
||PC|| Qwertopia
||VM|| Kirshbia ||PC||
||PC|| Jected

Trial Admins list