PC Rig


I’m upgraing my PC from 8GB RAM to 16GB RAM,will that reduce lag?
I’m planning to upgrade graphic cards too.Currently using i5 3470 quadcore

What else do I need to upgrade?

Lag in what, specifically?
There are many types of lag. Application lag, slow boot time, gaming lag…
And what is your graphics card currently?
You need to give full specs and more specificity before you can truly get feedback.

8GB is plenty for 90% of users. What Video card do you have? What’s your intended use? Are you open to buying an SSD?

Changing your RAM won’t do a thing unless you are running Photoshop with a full-size billboard at 700 DPI in the background and it’s chewing up 6GB by itself.

At the moment, Rust is unoptimized and runs slower than it should. The best thing you can do to make the game less laggy is wait, unless you have an old video card or something.

RAM is nice since there are a lot of memory leaks in the game as of now, but don’t spend the money yet. Try a couple different browsers. I use Chrome which from what I have heard isn’t recommended, although i rarely get lag spikes or lag in general. i also have 32gb of RAM so that helps a bit. (I have 32 GB of RAM because i do a lot of video editing and I will sometimes have Vegas, Photoshop and After Effects up at the same time doing 7 different things so it tends to hog a lot of memory. I started with 16gb and that wasn’t enough. SO don’t say I have too much memory. I tend to get that a lot)

There is no need to upgrade the RAM, your CPU is pretty much perfect for the game but I can’t really tell what your GPU is like unless you tell people.

I run a 660ti and that would be the lowest I would go when it comes to a GPU. I am bottlenecking pretty hard with my rig right now.

Upgrading your RAM to 16 gigs is totally awesome and all, but no you will probably not see a difference in performance. I think unity only uses 2 gigs max anyway. The lag is likely caused by the fact that this game is in early alpha and the the server software is probably not particularly optimized.

I seem to find the worst lag when moving in areas dense with structures. As I move toward areas like that my game shutters for a moment and then all of the sudden distant objects appear. Probably similar to chunk updates in minecraft.

How about we get a response from the OP?