PC shut downs when using gmod

Everytime after 10 minutes of playing the game my pc shuts it self off and my on and off button flashes orange and I have to turn the power off at my power point to let it turn on again so please help:tinfoil:

That sounds like a Power Supply problem. Not exactly related to GMod, but you should try using other games as well. If it still happens, it’s definitely a PSU problem.

Ok thx

You probably installed a new graphics card recently or something. Newer cards tend to flux in their usage - unfortunately, you’re at your limit with it idle, so putting it under stress causes it to demand more juice, which goes over the max for your PSU and shuts off the PC as a safety measure.

It may, as people before me have said, be a power supply issue. But it could also be an overheating issue. If you haven’t installed any new hardware and you’re having these issues; I’d recommend downloading a tool such as MSI Afterburner and checking your temperatures while running in windowed mode or border-less windowed mode with a secondary monitor. If they seem to spike then consider refreshing the thermal gel on your cpu and video card if you’re technically inclined or dusting the heat sinks while the computer is shut down and unplugged ( as compressed air propellant can turn back into energy conductive liquid which is also highly flammable ).

Post some more information. What are your specs? How old is the computer? Do the issues only occur on Garry’s Mod, or on other Source based games?