PC Shuts down when i play Rust

Hi guys,

So Since the actualization of january, my pc shuts down when i play Rust. Is there a way to fix this? i try to lower the graphics as much as i can but it still shuts my pc down…
I checked for temperatures and its fine…

I guess it has to do with the program…

This is my PC Specs:
Motherboard:Asus M5A97 R2.0
Memory: 8GB 1600Mhz Corsair Vengeance Blue + Crucial Sport XT DDR3-1600MHz 4GB = 12GB
Graphics Card:Nvidia GTX 660
PSU:Aerocool Templarius 550W
Operating System:Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

I have the same CPU and motherboard as you, except for I have an AMD R9 270X g-card. I am also running (2x8)16gb of ram. The thing I would check is your power supply. 550W seems very borderline for your setup, especially if you have a decent amount of peripherals hooked up.

A friend has been having the same issue since the update. Eventually it started happening without launching Rust so it’s probably a hardware failure in our case. He bought a bargain 550W power supply and people online are claiming it’s really closer to 350W. Haven’t swapped it out yet.

That PSU has 35A (420 Watts) on the 12v rail, which is more than adequate for his system even under the most demanding circumstances. If the PSU is the problem, then it’s just defective, not under powered.

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Try testing your system with a different power supply and see if that helps.