!PC Specs requirements!

Hi everyone :stuck_out_tongue:
So i’ve been wondering bcus of the sale, im scared of buying the game and if i couldnt run it.
It would ofc sck hard.

My specs:
Processor : Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz 2.67Hz
Ram : 4GB
Graphics card : Radeon HD 6950
Watt : I think it was about 700 - 800

If anyone could help me to see if i can run the game, it would be appreciated :smiley:

with these, i can play windowed rust with no noticeable lag, but fullscreen gives noticeable lag and input lag

i’m not sure about your cpu, but everything else seems good

Thanks, but if ure saying that u only can play in windowed does that mean that u made the display smaller or is is the same size as full screen, but just in windowed?

Maybe its eaiser for u to look at this:

Are the 2.66Hz not that good?

And whats ur cpu, so i can compare myself?


i mean, i can play it normally, but with the full screen mode on, it lags

Does your link say that my cpu is better than yours?

Also so it does mean that i can acutally play the game without any laggs?


Guys look at you graphics cards …

That are AMD Radeon , that means that are not the best graphics cards for games

For almost all people who have AMD Radeon , don´t think you will play the game on max settings because you don´t

For example the gooooooooooogle grafic card , is not bad , but him graphic car have:
-Shader Speed =580
-Core speed =580
-Memory Speed =900

Now lets go see 1 NVidia graphic card , for example my graphic card (NVidia GT 650 2 Gb ) if we go see on rank Radeon HD 6950 it is on rank 69 , and NVidia GT 650 rank 80 ( and it is a laptop vidio card )

but now see the settings of NVidia:
-Shader Speed =900
-Core speed =900
-Memory Speed =4000

You can check it is realy mutch more stronger then the AMD Radeon

The CPU don´t need mutch , i sametimes open 3 games on pc like battlefield 3 , Red orchestra and Natural selection 2 and my CPU not pass the 65%

If you have any more questions of your pc settings ask , i will say you :wink:

I have a 6670, but I it run on lowest graphics.

Did you really just compare the two companies by pulling a random more recent card from nvidia out and comparing to goooogles roughly 2-4 year old ati card?