pcf particle file help needed

I found a cool particle blood effect for gmod but I don’t know what to do with it to make it work. :frowning:

Post a link to it, I can put it in the right “format” for you.

I believe it’s in correct format of PCF but when I make a “particles” folder and put it there, gmod will load the screen and then close down before the start screen.

Ehh, I dont think Particles go there…

It depends what pack you are using, post a link to it.

it’s not a pack, here is the link, it’s just a single blood particle .pcf file.

plz help!

anybody…??? PLZ!!!


can sum1 plz bring forth the reason this won’t work? I am in serious need of assistance!

can sum 1 help me please???

Download - Megaupload.com
Haven’t tested this in-game, but this should work.

Thank you so much! Never had a particles_manifest file. thanks! :smiley: