PCMOD 2 for Gmod 13??

Would any one be interested in me fixing up PCMOD 2 for GMod 13 and possibly adding some new features?


PC MOD is garbage, someone needs to make something better.

I would love to see a PC Mod done better, with more features and shit. As to answer the OP, I’m sure someone might port it anyway, but it would just be wiser to remake it and make it better.

Well, why don’t you make it, then?

It was just fine for sandbox and rp servers alike. Perhaps a bit on the rough side, but it worked and it was fun to play around with,

Would be nice to see an updated PCMOD 3 with easy to create programs. Instead of needing to know LUA. People lost interest in it due to the lack of useful things to do with it.


E2 + EGP = PCMod with more features

Pcmod was broken aplenty in 12 anyway, i don’t think it’s going to be fixed to 13


I hope someone will fix this.

(Sorry for bumping old threads)

I don’t see how people are comparing gTerminal with PCmod. It’s like comparing Linux with Windows.

Anyhow. It has been requested millions of times by others. I don’t think someone will unless you are willing to pay them a good buck.

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