PCMod 2 Programs

Has anyone made any programs for PCMod2? I haven’t seen a thread like this for PCMod yet, so I decided to make one. It also helps that I need some decent ones for my server lol!

I never seen one, but people definitely should! There should at least be programs to save data from IO to the computer and be able to do something with it with a kind of high-level language like python. Push comes to shove we can throw out the original OS and write a new one, command-shell based. Of course that would require lua skills i don’t have.

hmm - I wonder why people don’t make & publish programs for PCmod2.

Well they should really, it’s an awesome idea.

If I had some LUA coding experiance, I would totally make some sort of simple game like Pong. It would also be cool if you had the option to play with other users on the server or to play against a CPU.

But back on topic, this is a great idea. Think of all the things we could make!

I could make…
…w8 what?
these for bad luck will only stay as jokes/ideas, because i don’t have the LUA knowledge

The G-mod^2’s been done. Really. All in EGP.

Sorry if this is classed as a bump, but is PCMod still being developed?

Yea, I hope somebody remakes it for Gmod 13 too

Me too, but i think it’s going to be much better starting by a shell linux-type OS that CAN be expanded to graphics instead of starting from the ground up as a “windows” type OS with all the pain that entails for third party addons.

I have made a few:

-Hacking Program (for use with a bank system I made)
-Internet Browser (Which worked!)
-Police DB (Allowed for storing of details of crimes - Went to a MySQL database)

Don’t have them anymore, sorry ;(

Aww, those would be EPIC! Maybe you would beable to help code some programs?

i agree with koolz


I guess you could make one with

OpenUrl for Derma ? I dunno it has been a while for PCMod

Who develops PCMod anyway? They need to make a 3rd one now. With a better graphics system. Make it look like XP, Vista, Seven, Linux or Mac not windows 95.