PCMod no like DarkRP.

Me again. Today i’m having a problem with PCMod no longer wanting to deduct money from players. I’ve deleted Garrysmod COMPLETELY (Server folder) and reinstalled it, DarkRP, and PCmod. However, I still can’t figure out why PCMod will not take away money from players when they buy an item from the !pcbuy menu. Money printers and other weapons take away cash, but not PCMod. If you need to see any .lua files, list them here and i’ll upload them to http://codepad.org

I saved backups of my DarkRP/PCmod just in case that neither was the actual problem, and something oblivious to me was the problem. I don’t believe any PCMod settings could have changed whether people get stuff for free or not. Of course you have to enable RP Mode in-game before you can buy the items.

When I do !pcbuy and buy an item, It confirms the purchase but my money stays the same. Tried EVERY one of the items. Don’t know what could be going wrong!

Also, I’m available to do Teamviewer. My MSN is daredhawk@hotmail.com too.

If you want to hire someone: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/978595-Lua-Scripter-Hire-Recruitment-Thread-V1

If you want to attempt to do it yourself (with some help) http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1068418-What-do-you-need-help-with-V2

Yeah, PCMod was coded for a previous version of DarkRP, ATM it can detect if you have enough money, but not deduct it once you buy.

I wonder how you make scripts compatable :downs:

Yeah, but it dosen’t work unless you fix it, that was what I was trying to say.

He asked how to fix it not what he already knows.

From what I remember PCMod is horrible with networking and would really just need to be remade

I was trying to explain the reason why it dosen’t work. If he knows that, he will have a much easier time fixing it.

He asked how to make it compatible and you told him it won’t work unless you make it compatible…

He thought the problem was from an addon or something he had. I informed him it is because DarkRP isn’t compatible.