Ok so my server is running DarkRP 2.4.1, PCmod2 is trying to find 2.3.5

I get this error and I want the PC Tech. class because right now…only admins can spawn PCs

PCMod2: >> DarkRP 2.3.5 PCMod Plugin 1.0.0 Post-Loaded! (NO DARKRP)<<

This is in the wrong place. But anyway, I committed a new plugin to the SVN. It’s called darkrp_241.lua. Upload that to your server, and make sure you delete darkrp_235.lua or it will show compatibility errors in console.


I didn’t test it, but it ought to work. If it gives any errors, just drop me a PM and I’ll fix it.

Hey I got that and it works! Thank but now can you help me with one more thing? I want to make a class that that can use PCmod2 with toolgun… But JUST that class can. I cant figure it out…