PCMod2 v1.0.4: Cyber Cafe Setup

After spending about 10 or 15 minutes figuring out how to finally make networks work correctly in PCMod, I decided to set up an example cafe, with all items functioning.

Also, PCMod feels dead to me. Not too many places use it much anymore. Any comments on the setup, ideas, response, opinions, etc.?

It’s not used due to some fairly annoying crash / loop issues.

There was something to do with it getting stuck into an infinite loop. I must admit it was amazingly well done though. Fairly nice PC sim for gmod :).

Who coded it? I would love to talk to him about it.

PCMod was a neat idea but it just doesn’t work in a gamemode that caters to 10 year olds.

I’ve seen it work, but it usually just ends with people sitting around in their apartments playing around with it instead of actually doing whatever the gamemode is intended for.


thomasfn had a neat development forum, he used to post stuff about pcmod3 but then the forum got deleted. It was really awesome.

So like real life?

Is Thomasfn a member of Facepunch? Would I be able to find him on Steam?


There’s the answer to your question.

Yes, he is.

It’s definitely good for roleplaying.

More like: It doesn’t really serve a purpose, PCmod PCs have no real software that could be used for doing anything and even though it’s quite extendable; You can obviously make stuff for it -But you can’t get it to THAT specific PC because of the way it works for the community. It only runs scripts which come from the server. And obviously the admin aint gonna add anything. So because of this, THe best way i’ve found to use PCmod is basically for exploiting for spawning crap, Or to piss off gunshop owners by playing shitty music loud as fuck.

You could make a program to record sales for a roleplaying shop.
Police records
icly sending information

I must agree with you, all DarkRP Servers need this.

I thought you couldn’t upload your own programs to the server. If you could, it would be worth it for those things.

An administrator has to upload them, and even then most of them aren’t that stable and barely load.

Are you able to DOS attack other computers using PCMod :v:

Chess, you’re genius.

I talked to Thomas. He lost his motivation for PCMod 3 and he closed his old forums due to lack of use. Pretty sad, but he said he will continue work on PCMod, but not in the near future.