Pdata issue

So I am trying to make a addon and there is problems with the pdata basically when you kill someone it adds points to the the pdata and on the clientside it shows the points on a draw hook but it doesn’t work and it says nil

Client side file:

function BountyCL ()
local ply = LocalPlayer()

draw.SimpleText(ply:GetPData( "bounty", 0), "Default", 400,ScrH()-80, Color(155,255,255,245) )

hook.Add("HUDPaint", "BountyCLient", BountyCL)

Server side file:

hook.Add("PlayerDeath", "bnsys", function( ply, wep, killer )

	if IsValid(killer) and killer:IsPlayer() and killer != ply and not killer:isCP()  then
		killer:SetPData( "bounty", 100 )

PData isn’t networked. Try using ply:GetNWint/ply:SetNWInt

Yes but I want it to save the points when a player gets off and back on

Network a var that has its value as the PData then.

[lua]ply:SetNWInt( “bounty”, ply:GetPData( “bounty”, 0) )[/lua]

Ok I got that solved out but how do I make a number on a hud for example like if it was 12,000$ make it 12k

Dont NWs get reset upron rejoining?

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make a check for it to be bigger than 1000, and use string.sub to replace the last 3 numbers with “K”.