PData or Text storage.

Basically this is for a character/inventory system. I’m trying to get this as best as I can do it, Basically I’m going to be storing a glon encoded table with a list of characters, currently I have it where it stores a list of character names on the server with players/theirsteamid/characters.txt, and all it contains is the names of characters, and the actual data for every character is stored in players/theirsteamid/characters/character name/inventory.txt

In my opinion, this seems like a extremely bad way of doing things, and right now i’m thinking if I should change it to store the glon encoded table in PData, and their entire table would look like this

characters = { Character Name = { Inventory = { item = { itemdatatablehere } } } }

Also can you have spaces in a table name, so I would be able to do FirstName LastName = { }, as an example.

I think you can understand what i’m saying here… hopefully.

I told you earlier that, if you don’t want to create fucked up data structures, look up database normalisation on wikipedia.

And please only come back if you understood it.

/sigh, I suppose i’ll go read it.

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Okay, so i’ve read the entire thing, and I understand it partially… So how would you suggest that I go about doing this?

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I read a different guide and found it more useful, so what you want me to do basically is not create a large table, and instead break it down into lots of smaller tables, but how exactly should i do that in this situation, should I create a PData entry for every characters inventory?

Using a Mysql database is not a option.