PData problem

I have the common addon of the atm for DarkRP on my server. After restricting most lua hacks and doing heavy modification I got it to work on a server. This server used this addon for about a full year without any problems. I recently opened a new server at the closing of the previous server. It seems that every now and then (still haven’t found a trigger for it) takes all of the money in the server and gives everyone a mean. The first time it did this it gave everyone around 19k. This time it set the money to around 250k. Being that it uses the PData function, and me having little to no knowledge about data storage methods, i need some help on why this would be happening. If you get t othis point in the post, i just want to thank you for reading it all. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

You could try using Windows Grep or something similar to do a search through the lua files for your addon to find any usage of ‘PData’.

If you do, post results here.

Well i know that the atm addon uses PData, and the usage of PData on another server wokred fine but it seems to glitch up here and i cant tell whats happening, i just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem or knows what to look for.