Peace and love in Team Fortress 2

Rated optimistic.


Double Rainbow, all the way.

That poor Scout is crying because of the rainbows. :frown:

The pyro’s face.

Great, now you caused my repressed memories from last week of multiple grown men squealing like girls over the mic at once: “DOUBLE RAIIINBOOOOOOW” to resurface.

Gayest meme evarr. Can’t wait til it dies :downsgun:

The pic on the other hand, is good. Good posing, editing, etc. The rainbows fit well with the theme.


Oh, about the peace symbol:

Source 1
Source 2

Sorry, it’s just that I can’t watch someone brandish the symbol for the complete death of mankind and not say anything. I know you didn’t mean it which is why I am not going to drive the point any more, just wanted to put it out there for educational purposes and stuff. Carry on.

What the hell is that on the left?

The soldier is just hallucinating.

Don’t worry, we all hate hippies here.

Funny picture, though I’m unsure as to what’s up with the Pyro’s anime head thing.

Actually most hippies were just stoners.

Hippie leadership, though…:commissar:

Picture makes me Hiiiiiiiiiiiigh

The colors is fucked up