Peace at last

working on a big project with russians, so have this in the meantime

Film grain everywhere


uppix sucks

yeh, really slow today

updated host

looks good. corpse on the right kinda looks like it’s smiling though… eerie

I don’t trust zombies behind the wheel.

Depends where you live. At least it’s not .png.

Clean picture.

The male zombies face cracks me up :v:
I like it, Ze.

I really don’t like the greenish yellow, and the colours look pretty washed out.

Cool angle.

I like peace

i noticed the paratrooper lol, good stuff man

you never like any colours

calm and peaceful.


yepp, he definitely doesn’t like colours.

my colours

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yes, extremely

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You know what colours I want to see.

yes, master :frowning: