Peace is good... Peace is cheap... Peace sells... But who's really buying?

Peaceful thread music:

For those who might want something a bit more extreme:

Put together from so many greenscreened .TGAs that I won’t be posting the originals. Guess you could call it an edited scenebuild.

Also maybe the first time I apply the colour theory in my pic.

New desktop background.
Keep making these.

I wish those chains were ragdolled because it looks kind of awkward them sticking straight like that.

Yeah agreed, I’ll see if I can get someone to ragdoll them

Expected ‘‘Peace Sells’’ to be in the OP.

Dave would be proud.

Fixed the chains.

I deliberately avoided posting it.

I don’t know what to think. On the one hand, it’s really cool idea,but on the other-these magenta and pink everywhere is really annoying.

Hey pMnky, might bother telling me what’s so dumb instead of hiding behind a box?


Do more Vic Rattlehead pics, they’re awesome .

There’s no “I don’t like it” button so I rated you a box. The execution and subject are cheap IMO. This one was way better.

By the way, I must disagree with the above poster. I don’t wanna see 150 pictures of that one guy during one month being the same death/bad guys/human insanity representation. That kind of stuff is worse than TF2 poses. It only entertains people who play the game, most of the time.

Joazzz I know you can be original so don’t jump in a fucking bandwagon.

well i’ve never been really good at recreating stuff. thanks for clearing that out.

I’ve never said that. This picture is just not as good as most of your stuff.

yeah I understood what you said, but i just mean that whenever i try to re-make something it usually ends up bad, so if this isn’t on par with my other stuff, it’s no big surprise.

A good reason for you to keep moving forward

Megadeath i love them
this pic is Awesome

Holy handjobs batman!

Great as always, boi.

Yes indeed. Too bad I think there’s at least one more of these to come from Zeraxify but we’ll leave it at that. :v:

It’s MegaDETH. You are not worthy!

lol jk