Peace Keepers || Clan recruitment || Mature and friendly

Greetings fellow player of Rust!

Quick facts about the creator:
Hi, my name is Richard i’m 20 years old and i’m Dutch. The reasson for creating this clan is to have more fun mostly. But we’re named “peace keepers” for a reasson.
We tend to shoot people that kill new spawns, we just want to assist people and we obviously have the “payback” method once we get attacked. We’re not afraid to loose stuff because we’re a team,
we’ll just get over it and gather again!

Peace Keepers is currently recruiting for new members, to have fun and protect.
We’re trying to create a clan with a good amount of player in order to deal with annoying KoS guys on a certain server. It’s one of the things we’ll do but it’s not the main thing. We’ll also build and walk around
getting stuff and blowing shit up ! ( WOO EXPLOSIVES)

*Requirements in order to become a Peace Keeper:

  • You need to be atleast 18+ (unless confirmed by one of the leaders)
  • You need to be able to speak English (and are willing to talk)
  • You must have a microphone.
  • You must have Skype/TS**
    - Must not be a “i want to shoot everyone fuck this shit” guy.

What can we offer you?

Peace Keepers are able to give you the following:

  • An awesome experience of being beloved by a community.
  • A good team that will help you continue your journeys within the clan.
  • A good basic structures of ranks.
  • If there are any problems it will be dealt with.
  • No “i’m higher then you” ideas. The rank structure is ment to know who’s new, and might need some more help.
  • Soon there will also be a TeamSpeak Server.
  • Mature community.
  • People with diffrent GMT’s so there will mostlikely be people online once you join!
  • You don’t got to have the clan name in your name.
    What do we play?

Most played: Rust
Most members also have: DayZ, WoW and several other games. Just ask around.
Sounds kewl’ how do i join? **

Join our teamspeak for a chat:
or add: holdfire16 to continue and you might be able to join us ! (we’ll ask you several questions)

Or add me on steam:
Good luck, and have fun !

Well, i am everything you ask, i am tired of that retarted guys who place barricades infront of your door and if you come out your house shoots you, i can speak Dutch, English, even if needed i can speak fluish Bulgarian. But i am younger then 18. But i think my kid voice is limited, ask me further quiestions if your interested.

Please add me, and we can discuss it.

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Added 2 new players.

Currently got 8 players.

You forgot to add how you don’t like Americans very much :slight_smile:

Is having a Mic compulsory? I generally play on a laptop and try to use the built in Mic as I dont have any other one.

Aslong as you’re able to speak when we need you.

If you somethimes have no mic, but you can stil listen then it’s fine.

Hahaha exactly xD

If you don’t want to spend too much by the moment, you can play on our server and if you need we can give you a TeamSpeak 3 Channel on our TS so you can have fun and speak at the same time.-

We still need some players, but with this problem of servers being boring because of the Zombie Removal we lost players :frowning:

We are all matures in the Community.

Have a nice day.

DrizzlyCrescent - WG Rust Admin Team

Dang, I’m only 15. I think 18+ is a bit over the top, bat what evs. You are the only clan I’ve heard of that DOES NOT have the “I’m going to shoot everyone” mentality.

We only shoot if someone is taking our loot or is near our base taking the stuff…

There is no point of killing freshspawns that are 50m away from you.


Recruited 4 new members.

We’re also allowing fresh n00bies, we’ll train you up to be a big boy! (heuheu)

If you don’t have Skype them simply PM me on the forums.

i would love to join you guys

i’m feeling so frustated, because i’m all passive and keep getting raided and killed

my steam name is Narval, i’m european and 18+, i speak english pretty well so communication would not be a problem :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find you on Steam, please add me instead:

Hey Da Stick Hello.
I talk english, spanish and Very good Portuguese.
I have 80h of game, im good, but i only have 16, almost 17.

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17 years

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I have everything you ask.

Please add me on Steam/Skype.

Just wondering where the server is hosted? Also is a mic required, listening isnt an issue just havn’t gotten around to getting a mic for a game that’s in alpha still. :stuck_out_tongue: Other than that meet all the rest of the requirements.

We haven’t found the “good” server yet, we’re kinda hopping to find a decent one.

And a mic would be nice aslong as you’ll get it within a month it’s fine. If you’re capable of listening and responding via the chat then it’ll do.

Why not just host a server, I see you already have a few for other games? Though it is early alpha and I understand not being that necessary.


Because it’s not worth it, it’s really tempting for people to leave a server with a large clan (and the clan owner being the owner) people could assume that there would be abuse because we’d obviously get stuff super quick with a big amount.

Rather just join a server without any worries ^^

I added you Da Stick