Peace out from SGC... We had a good run. 2007-2012

Peace out GMod… From SGC

why are there so many communities being shut down all of a sudden


Also crap thread.

From reading the OP, devnull might have a lot to do with it. Not many server providers are happy with paying for the massive bandwidth that dos attacks generate. I’d also imagine “dos-protected” servers cost a bit more to rent than normal ones.

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Im sorry…but i’ve never heard of SGC…

I myself question weekly whether or not it’s worth it. Garry’s Mod has become a safe haven for spoiled little children. There’s two groups in GMod now, kiddies and veterans. Veterans are few and fare in between, and kiddies run rampant.

Primarily, what was the precursor to the decline of servers, was DDoS / DevNull. It used to be where if you were banned from a server, you either posted an unban request or you moved on. Now, you get people gunning for revenge.

  • Day for all the Garry’s Mod servers to shut down for the little kiddies to see the consequences to the problems they’re creating.
  • Price of Garry’s Mod is raised.
  • Persuade Activision.
  • Persuade CoD server owners.
  • Persuade Game Server Providers.
  • Stanhunt V2

It will never happen, each thread about Stan will just go into shit and everyone will start to derail…

We can only wish sometimes.

Well I don’t mean a Stanhunt thread on facepunch, obviously. Why not a private forums?

It makes me sad to see such a great game with great communities slowly die. 90% of my favorite communities died, and my favorite people I have either lost contact with, or have stopped playing garrys mod.

Who will host the forum?

Although I’m sad to see this community go we have had a great run and I hope something will offspring from the Naval Play gamemode.

PS. Joey didn’t you get banned from that server a long time ago? If so why do you still follow it? Is this a lesson that when you get banned you shoulden’t DDOS the server you got banned from?

SGC, I sulute you. You were the server that allowed me to make my first, wire controled, boat.

It’s sad how this is much too true

Goodbye my so loved community…

It was had to pull the plug of the server… Alteran pulled the plug, but it tried to auto restart, like the server was trying to say “I WANT TO STAY!!!” then I just pulled the plug completely… CTRL + C on Putty to put it out…

I spent too much time doing maintenance on that server, and playing there and administrating… Also made good friends in the community and server… They all will be missed…

Though, I hope one day everyone can just gather together, and go for some fun in a server and try to enjoy the best of it…

Goodbye SGC… You’ll be missed…

I haven’t noticed any properly strong attacks in a few months. Either that or OVH suddenly started filtering it.


There have been multiple communities being hit non stop from around Dec 20th, seems to be only RP servers. HL2:RP/DarkRP and Perp. I’m guessing some idiot with a community wants to turn players to his servers.

it’s probably beacuse it’s so much fun getting the reaction and attention from retarded roleplayers, especially from the kids that are on perp