Full size

that ground is ultra super low res

Oh I used to play on that map all time! Back in 2009

I don’t get it.

Have you played Mass Effect 3?


Are you sure because if you did you would obviously understand the picture because its mass effect

It’s a reaper that has landed on the ground with a sitting turian?

i didnt see it at first but theres a quarian too

It’s like the Mona Lisa. There’s always something new when you look at it. Rated artistic.

The reaper is dead, the normandy is flying and Garrus is enjoying a snog with Tali.

It’s actually a Geth Drednaught that’s crashed. And two Geth hovercraft in the lake/pond.

It’s not Garrus and Tali either, but that doesn’t really matter :v:

Also they’re supposed to be on Rannoch.

You might want to increase the JPEG quality, next time. There is very noticeable lossy quality on the edges of some parts of the picture. What can help, is if you type in the console, “JPEG_Quality 100”. It will increase the JPEG quality, and the picture will look better. But overall, pretty decent picture.

I’ll try that next time. Never had that problem before. Might be the image host, though.

I tried to improve let me know how I did


i even covered the ground that was old

The grass REALLY bugs me.

The picture was kiiiiiiinda a joke. If you’ve seen any of my other pictures or how I’ve been replying to the topic, you’d understand.

Face it, you needed to tune up that sharpen…!

i did that but it ruined bad compression from photo and then lights were too glow.

And this man is trying to shitting with me? Oh my, it’s so fucking funny.