Peacock ragdolling request

I managed to find a 3d model of peacock to be rigged and ragdolled -->

I know there is a skullgirls thread but Peacock is my favorite character and if we are gonna start making skullgirls ragdolls, might as well start wither her!

Why would you want rainbow chicken?

no no no, Peacock is the name of a character from a cool 2d fighter game called Skullgirls, she’s basically a killer looney tune, look up “skullgirls Peacock” on youtube!

I think that would be nearly impossible to rig, the elbows are not defined. Even if it was ragdolled it would look weird with “invisible” elbows.

if you watch her movements in the game her arms are all bendy but her elbows are were the middle rows are