Pearl harbor?

Hi i dont want to type everything :3 again so ill give you the link and ill talk about the stuff thats needed :#

ok About the voice actors, if you would like to help us :3 this is what you need
A mic that does not suck (duh :D)
you need to be at least 16 + and have a voice that sounds like you could be in the army, navy, whatever :D.
cant think of anything else so ill be back

scripters - we need at least 2 people (Who can work together) and discuss what should be said to make this thing as real as possible we would like people who enjoy writing stuff, people who enjoy reading books about ww1 - ww2 (or any other war) and would have a lot of info about pearl harbor.

and if anyone has any good ideas we should add, like to make it more life like. tell here :smiley:

             add me to steam - tick_tocks  if you would like to be a voice actor, or a scripter and i will then give you a little test and give you a  yes or no :D 


I Could Be A Script writer

this is a great idea!


also anyone wanna post a reply on my Gmod Rail Shooter idea? please?

Good luck with the movie I guess, is it going on YouTube?

You going to make it like 1941 Pearl Harbor…?

Or some sort of Gmod Pearl Harbor…?

Also if it 1941 heres an idea…

As visions of sugar plums rained in their heads , the Japanese came and drained blood from the GI’s bed.

a good ending to it would be where some US men get captured by japs and have them in jail then have like some slow tune in the background while it has Japs coming with guns to kill them and while the US men are walking to the killing area the credits roll then at the end of the credits the US men get shot