PearlRP - Pearl Harbor

R.I.P our soldiers.

Anyways, I’m thinking of making a RP Gamemode PearlRP based off of Pearl Harbor.

Soo. I’m going to need skilled mappers to map pearl harbor

Other than that, I can do the coding. It will be an easy gamemode.
I also need Texturers for the custom textures for mappers :smiley:
[Non skilled areas]


Also, if anyone has information about Pearl Harbor Please contact me, I would like to make this as realistic as possible.

(User was banned for this post ("WIP thread with nothing to show" - mahalis))

I saw thread name and cried, I saw OP name and slit my wrists.

Nice to know…

Ever heard the word gender? Yeah look it up…


The fuck?

Iiii haavee neeeds :frowning:
dnt judge me!!!

The fuck?

There better be planes. And everyone should die.

Apparently we need an RP gamemode about every single event.

Pearl Harbor lasted about three hours.

I sure hope this is a troll thread.

RP about RP…I can see it now!

Is this another DarkRP edit nofear.


9/11 lasted about one minute.

There is no crying is baseball!

Kamikaze planes weren’t utilized until after Midway.


Actually it lasted some seven to nine hours.

Nine hours? Wow those planes were slow.

They had to refuel on gas.