Pedo Bear Escape

** Pedo Bear Escape **

This is a gamemode where you have to escape the clutches of Pedo Bear as he chases you and you team around the arena.
The aim of the game is to avoid him at all costs but the problem is that a new one will spawn every 10 seconds from one of the arena door. To win you will have to outlast the rest of your team in escaping the clutches of Pedo Bear
This is a Fretta gamemode which is meant to be a quick game and each round will only last up to 3 minutes tops, the default is that there is 10 rounds so it will only be played in short periods time

Here is some screen shots of the gamemode in play:

** Credits: **
Douglas Huck

So come try it out now the server ip is:


Is that trail made out of Minecraft Pig faces?


You dont want to see what trail I had in that picture


Should make the player models children.