Peel P50

Was inspired by the Reliant Robins posted a couple of days ago. Very simple. Has suspension, steering, engine sounds (with simulated gears) and goes very very slowly.

it is so tiny

how would you fit in that thing

Truly a magnificent vehicle worthy of the great nation of North Korea!

Seriously though, I love novelty vehicles. Good job.

its supposed to be small. that was the point of it when it was made. see example below.

(and clarkson is no midget)

Where is the engine >:C

I remember when he drove that thing into the office.

classic but you know what I think already.

All I can say is DAMMIT, you should’ve entered Karbine’s Comp with it

Oh I get it! They wanted to keep it small so if you get a fender bender, you’ll break your spine!

nah, but its… cute.
I agree with Hunta completely

Your Peel seems a little bit bigger(or It’s just the seat that makes it look smaller) AND yours should be more round.

That thing looks like an assload of spinal problems waiting to happen.

I’d hate to get in a wreck in one of those.

At least you’d be a smaller target. :v:

Under your left knee. Not joking. The thing is blindingly fast with a top speed of about 30 miles per hour.

Oh my Jesus

Depends how heavy and tall you are. Just like said in Top Gear.

And what you had for breakfast. And probably the quality of the road you are on.

Also wind speed and direction.

At least you can drive it on either side of the road…